Britney Spears Is Number 1 On iTunes With Gimme More!

by The Author on September 29th, 2007

britney spears number 1 on itunes with gimme more

Britney Spears is wearing the Hot Pants on iTunes: Number One Song!


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Britney Spears New Rock N’ Roll Look

by The Author on September 29th, 2007 britney spears

britney was looking hot at a party in Orange County yesterday with a new “Tete De Mort” Belt! Where can I get this belt??? Please!

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Takashi Murakami New Deal With Louis Vuitton

by The Author on September 23rd, 2007 murakami.moca.jpg

“Deja vu”? I feel like it’s the Summer 2003 all over again. New style? Not really, the Superflat Murakami LV hand was of the first design released on Louis Vuitton bags.

Sounds like this new exhibition at the Moca Museum is all about money. It is a public art gallery. It is also a boutique.

For a few months, a gallery at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles will features a store selling pricey Louis Vuitton handbags and other luxury leather goods.

The shop-gallery will offer limited-edition handbags at $875 to $920 featuring designs by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami during an exhibition of his works that runs from Oct. 29 through Feb. 11.

MOCA will not receive any rental fees or profits from the shop. But some observers are puzzled by the appearance of a high-end commercial venue in a non-profit museum.

“What’s happening in museums is that the lines between commerce and pure art are increasingly blurred,” Selma Holo, director of the Fisher Gallery at the University of Southern California, told the Los Angeles Times. “So with respect to the Murakami show and the Vuitton shop, one has to wonder whether it is meant as a celebration of the trend, a critique of the trend or a satire?”

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Sex And The City : 3 Years Later And Nothing Has Changed

by The Author on September 19th, 2007

ETOnline has the first shot of My Little Pony Parker and Chris Noth on the NYC set of “Sex and the City” or what I like to call “The Golden Girls Movie.” Today’s the first day of shooting on the feature film version of the HBO series.

The movie stars MLPP, Noth, Cynthia Nixon, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, Jennifer Hudson, Jason Lewis, Evan Handler and David Eigenberg. It will hit theaters in May 2008.

Source: Dlisted

Alicia Silverstone to Appear Nude in PETA Commercial Clueless?

by The Author on September 19th, 2007

The 30-year-old actress, who appeared in movies such as “Clueless” and “Batman & Robin,” shot the ad to promote vegetarianism in the spot sponsored by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

In the 30-second ad, which will air about two dozen times in Houston on Wednesday, Silverstone is shown emerging from a swimming pool and talking about the benefits of being a vegetarian. She obscures the view of her body with her arms as she gets out of the pool.

“I wasn’t always a vegetarian, but I’ve always loved animals,” she said in a news release. “Physically, the effect has been amazing.”

The animal-rights group said it launched the commercial in Houston because the city is often high on lists of cities with unhealthy eating habits. Houston was named the sixth-fattest city in the nation by Men’s Fitness magazine this year.


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Mary-Kate Olsen Presents The Best FW 2008 Fashion in Bazaar Magazine

by The Author on September 19th, 2007

Mary-Kate Olsen presents the best fashion pieces for this Fall Winter. And she is BFFL with Lauren Hutton, Hot!

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Louis Vuitton Malleable Mahina Bag & Scarlett Johanson HOT or NOT?

by The Author on September 19th, 2007

Easy one the bag is hot Scarlett is Not.

Get the bag:

Petra Nemcova Launches New Moet Chandon “Be Fabulous Gold Bottle” at Moet Chandon’s Kissing Room in Madrid

by The Author on September 19th, 2007

Petra Nemcova Launches New Moet Chandon “Be Fabulous Gold Bottle” at Moet Chandon’s Kissing Room in Madrid. Gorgeous!

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Karen Kooper Rocks! She Sent Me The New Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton DVD

by The Author on September 19th, 2007

I’ve been waiting for this DVD to come out like crazy when I found out that I couldn’t get it since it’s only released in France. I came back from work and here is what I got! A press copy DVD sent by Karen Kooper from After chatting with Karen a couple of times about fashion and music she asked me if I would be interested to get a press copy of the DVD. Can’t wait to watch it!



Visit for the best shopping experience.

Paris Hilton New Toy , Who Wouldn’t Want A Piece Of That?

by The Author on September 18th, 2007

No it’s not a new puppy, a new bag or a new car. Well this time Paris ’s got
a fresh Surfer Dude. Stay tuned she might change tomorrow.

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